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We've finished the last panel and interviews for the #TheFutureOfJamstack project. Currently, we're working on combining all of this content into a cohesive pitch for the community to review.

Jamstack redefined building on the web. At a time when the majority of the industry built large, monolithic websites, Jamstack was a voice of simplicity, security, scalability, and performance.

The cycle is repeating and the principles of Jamstack are relevant now more than ever.

What if we could get back to the core of Jamstack, cherish that, and have the community steer its future course?

#TheFutureOfJamstack is a shared vision we’re writing, transparently and collectively. Join the movement to hear stories of the people who live and breathe Jamstack, have your say in community polls and feedback sessions, and a Jamstack definition that gets back to the roots. All in the open.

What are we discussing?

What is Jamstack?

Why is Jamstack important?

How can Jamstack remain relevant?

What did Jamstack get wrong?

What should we call Jamstack moving forward?

How can I get involved?

What's happening?

Who is behind this?

CloudCannon has always been a believer in the power of static websites, even before Jamstack was a thing. We're here to facilitate a transition to a community-led movement with a clear definition and purpose of what Jamstack is, and what it isn't.